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Recent articles have included:
Ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast an overview of the randomized clinical trials
Ph. Meijnen, E. J. Th. Rutgers
Modelling and analysis of DCIS detection and reduction in invasive carcinoma - a review
S. W. Duffy
Validation of transgenic models of breast cancer: ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and Brca1-mutation-related breast cancer
M. S. Frech, L. P. Jones, P. A. Furth
Minimally invasive approaches: cryoablation
T. L. Huston, R. M. Simmons
Implication of planned radiotherapy on breast reconstruction: radiotherapy and plastic surgery with implants
G. M. Freedman
Estrogen receptor acetylation and phosphorylation in hormone responses
C. Wang, M. Fu, R. G. Pestell
Shift in the surgical treatment of non-palpable breast cancer: tactile to visual
K. Dowlatshahi, J. Dieschbourg
New opportunities in premenopausal breast cancer: goserelin (‘Zoladex’) plus aromatase inhibition
R. Jakesz
Management of lesions first detected on MRI: what to do?
L. Bartella, E. A. Morris
The role of disseminated and circulating tumour cells in breast cancer
D. Auer, A. Schneitter, C. Marth, S. Braun
Therapeutic Mammotome excision of fibroadenomas
A. J. Maxwell
Role of plasma membrane ER protein in breast cancer
E. M. Rosen, S. Fan, Y. Ma, E. R. Levin
Accelerated partial breast irradiation: 3-dimensional conformal external beam radiotherapy
Y. Hasan, F. Vicini
The role of platinum-based therapy for HER-2-positive breast cancer
A. A. Joy, J. R. Mackey
Alcohol drinking and breast cancer
Duan-Jun Tan, Julie S. Barber, Peter G. Shields
Micrometastasis in lymph node
S. Masood
Pre-operative endocrine therapy: focus on the clinical and biological results of the IMPACT trial
R. L. Jones, I. E. Smith
Ultrasound elasticity imaging
W. E. Svensson, D. Amiras
Modest benefits of adjuvant chemotherapy in hormone receptor-positive breast cancer
Tiffany H. Svahn, Robert W. Carlson
Growth factor pathway switching: implications for the use of gefitinib and trastuzumab
H. E. Jones, JMW Gee, I.R. Hutcheson, RI Nicholson
The role of surgery for pulmonary metastases in breast cancer patients
D. A. Hess, H. M. Klomp
Should positive sentinel node cases have a further axillary dissection?
Blake Cady
Management of close margins in invasive breast cancer
R. J. Bleicher, M. Morrow
For the use of ultrasound by surgeons
J. Michael Dixon, E. Jane Macaskill
Can surgery provoke the outgrowth of latent breast cancer? A unifying hypothesis
M. W. Retsky, R. Demicheli, W. J. M. Hrushesky, M. Baum, I. D. Gukas
Positive sentinel lymph nodes should be followed by axillary lymph node dissection
F. Hoehne, H. Mabry, A. E. Giuliano
Successes and failures: an overview of lessons learnt in the creation of targeted therapy strategies for breast cancer
S. R. D. Johnston
Male breast cancer – how to treat?
E. D. Rossmann, A. Liljegren, J. Bergh
Integration of post-mastectomy radiation and breast reconstruction
J. L. Wright, P. G. Cordeiro, B. L. McCormick
Tamoxifen: using pharmacogenetics to rediscover an old drug
A. H. Kamal, M. P. Goetz
Breast cancer and pregnancy
G. K. Azad, A. E. Ring
Bisphosphonates and prevention of metastases: the AZURE study
R. Burkinshaw, H. Thorpe, R. Coleman
Indications for the sentinel node: multicentric, size of tumor, prior surgery
L. C. Hanker, A. Rody, E. Ruckhaeberle, M. Kaufmann
Therapeutic mammotome excisions: radial scars
J. Morel, M. J. Michell
Current status of adjuvant bisphosphonates in operable breast cancer
A. H. G. Paterson
Hypofractionated whole breast irradiation
John Yarnold
Update on chemoprevention in BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers
M. Stumacher, S. M. Domchek
Estrogen receptor acetylation and phosphorylation in hormone responses
C. Wang, M. Fu, R. G. Pestell
Applications of radiofrequency ablation in the treatment of breast cancer
S. Eva Singletary
What is breast density?
C. Byrne, S. Spernak
Screening for breast cancer in women with previous mantle radiotherapy for Hodgkin's disease
G. Ralleigh
COX-2 inhibitors in breast cancer
N. L. P. Barnes, N. J. Bundred
Bisphosphonates and the prevention of osteoporosis in the adjuvant setting
Michael Gnant
Breast cancer, stem cells, and the stem cell niche
G. Chepko
Aromatase inhibitors as adjuvant therapy: how will results of the ATAC trial at San Antonio 2004 and BIG 1-98 at St Gallen 2005 impact on aromatase inhibitors as adjuvant endocrine therapy?
N. S. Wong, K. I. Pritchard
Strategies to enhance radiosensitivity in breast cancer
S. C. Formenti
Skin-, nipple-, and areola-sparing mastectomy
E. M. Umoh, N. Arora, R. M. Simmons
The sexuality clinic in the breast center: sex as a survivorship issue
D. S. Dizon, D. Thompson, C. Duffy, D. Wiggins
Management of the intact breast primary in the setting of metastatic disease
H. Bermas, S. A. Khan
Delivering bad news: a vital skill for professionals involved in breast cancer care
M. N. Linver
Anti-angiogenic therapy: from laboratory to the patient
F. O. Ademuyiwa, G. W. Sledge Jr
Perioperative therapy in HER2+ patients
R. P. A’Hern, N. J. Bundred
Drugs targeting insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor
T. Mayer, L. Harris, M. P. DiGiovanna
Adjuvant endocrine therapy in premenopausal women with breast cancer
Michael Gnant, P. Dubsky, F. Fitzal, P. Blaha, G. Steger, R. Jakesz
Impact breast cancer has on family members/caregivers
L. Shockney